With the right staging, your home can sell for over 10-15% the asking price.  These numbers are not one offs, but consistent results that prove the power of staging.

When empty space is uniquely and effectively styled with a certain lifestyle, it allows a stranger to walk in and see themselves and their family living there. They will actually think "I could live here!" and that is when they will make an offer on your home.
Our completely on trend - eclectic staging designs transform vacant spaces to fun and LIVABLE homes so buyers fall in love with  the lifestyle they represent.  

Polka Dot Interiors will professionally prepare your home for sale, so it will appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on market. In today's market conditions, modern-eclectic staging sells homes.

If your home is occupied during the sale process we can help too!  You’ve created your home with your own comfort in mind. But it can be hard for an owner to be objective about something as personal as their home. We can help to declutter, , decorate, give advice on small improvments if any - we call it partial staging.  

OUR recommendations are all based on our up-to-the-minute involvement in the Portland real estate market. That involvement is combined with years of experience in Interior Design. The result is that we give homes interiors that look like they are straight from the pages of the best interior design magazines. We have the furnishings that are perfect for transforming your home into the most desirable real estate property possible to sell quickly and for the top dollar.



                4 of the top questions Polka Dot Interiors receives when it comes to our staging services. 

I had sticker shock when I asked for a quote. Can you help me understand why staging seems expensive? 

Staging has always been about quality over quantity, not just about filling the space with furniture. We are design professionals, our trained eye combined with our eclectic inventory to pull from gives us the tools to make sure each listing is well curated and shows its best. Not only do you get our trained eye, with years of experience preparing homes for sale we also provide all the furniture, art, accessories, truck and crew for install and uninstall. The investment of staging is really not expensive compared to the potential money left on the table when a home is not staged.
How do you price it? 

The price depends on the square footage and how many living areas the home has. Here is a list of estimates for a ballpark of what a listing might cost to stage. This generally will include furniture, art and accessories for the living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, and the homes bedrooms.

These estimates include 30 days of furniture rental. A rental fee (approx. 20% of staging fee) will be charged every 30 days.

Who pays for staging? 
Most the of the time the homeowner does. Sometimes the Realtor will pay the full cost or will split it with the homeowner. Whoever wants tomaximize their ROI. From our experience when a Realtor believes in their stager, it is sold to the homeowner as an integral part of the marketing plan to sell the home. 

Can I (or my client) pick the style and/or colors used in staging the home?
Yes and no. We're open to hearing your thoughts, of course, but we expect you to understand and respect that we are design professionals. Yes, we want the seller and realtor to be happy with the final look, but our number one focus is making the home look just right for buyers both online and in person. Design is an emotional experience, different for everyone, sometimes it is hard for the seller to detach from their space.

What's so special about Polka Dot Interiors?
In a word, it's our 'no cookie cutter design allowed' approach. OK, that was more than a word! But if we had to pick a 'single' word, we'd say it's our originality. Why is this important for you, the client? No two houses are the same. Staging shouldn't be either.

                                           Let us know if we can help!